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Alien Intrusion: UFOs and the Evolution Connection (Updated & Expanded)

Alien Intrusion: UFOs and the Evolution Connection (Updated & Expanded)

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Alien Intrusion: UFOs and the evolution connection (updated & expanded)

Unexplainable, strange objects in the sky?

Alien visitations and abductions?

Area 51? Crop Circles? What really happened at Roswell?

What does the government really know?

Aliens making contact with humans?

… is any of it for real?

Every Christian needs answers!

At last, an easy-to-understand book traces the history of this strange phenomenon utilizing the research of many of the ‘heavyweights’ of UFOlogy—and it’s been making sense to a lot of people.  Since the book’s launch, author Gary Bates has been in great demand as a speaker on this subject and has conducted dozens of radio/media interviews around the world, with listening audiences in the millions.

An Amazon top 50 best-seller, Gary Bates unravels one of popular culture’s enduring and growing phenomena. UFOs, crop circles, Area 51, Roswell, alien abductions—it’s all answered! The well researched data leads the reader inexorably to one conclusion: there is an ‘intergalactic’ battle over the history of life in the universe, and for the souls of human beings. Its eye-opening insights have already won souls for Christ. This new edition contains more pictures and a new chapter about alleged abductions based on extra research Gary has conducted.

This is a book for everyone.  The author’s research and conclusions will surprise you, and challenge your thinking, not just about UFOs, but about the nature of life itself. This is a landmark volume that brings together the most important evidences — coming to conclusions far more sinister — yet profound — than most could imagine.

When you purchase Alien Intrusion: UFOs and the Evolution Connection 

You will get comprehensive answers on the following topics

  • Is there really something going on?
  • What do NASA and SETI believe?
  • Is interstellar travel possible?
  • Is there life on other planets?
  • Did aliens create life on Earth?
  • UFOs throughout history
  • Famous sightings and contactees
  • What does the government really know?
  • Did a UFO crash at Roswell?
  • What about those Men in Black?
  • What’s going on at Area 51?
  • What’s the force behind crop circles?
  • The truth about alien abductions
  • Research that is being ignored
  • Are they interdimensional beings?
  • UFOs and their religious appeal
  • Did the prophet Ezekiel see a UFO?
  • UFOs in the Bible—really?

"I felt that there was nothing more worth knowing about UFOs and aliens, but Gary Bates reveals one of the most closely guarded secrets of all time.  This exciting, fast-paced and entertaining book will challenge your worldview.   It’s truly one of the most thought-provoking books that I’ve read in years!"
— Philip Bell, scientist and educator

"This book lays everything down in a clear, concise, rational manner that cuts directly to the central issues.  Writing with an engaging and un-academic style, Bates pierces through the fog of disinformation on UFOs and alien encounters while always managing to express his ideas in clear language that is immediately grasped by the reader.  … Chapter 7 is worth the price of the book itself.  That chapter left me stunned.   Not a "why, Bates has come up with a fascinating notion" stunned, but a "watching the Sixth Sense for the first time" stunned.   The kind of stunned that leaves you breathless.  His conclusions are, in my estimation, right on the money … .  Overall, I cannot recommend this book more highly than I already have."
          — Taylor Adams

"I found the book extremely interesting, intriguing and profitable. I’ll never see the topic in the same light again. Be prepared to have your own assumptions about this world — and the cosmos — challenged. What we “see” is not always as it seems!"
          — John Hartnett, cosmologist and university physics

"This book is excellent, educational, and shocking!  He really proves UFOs are real but what are they?  Do yourself a favour and read this book.  It is not a religious book but an in depth serious look into UFOs and all that comes with that quest for their elusive secret mystery!  Most of all Gary Bates gives you hundreds of sources for all information and facts.  So read it and then go check every word for the truth yourself.  I did and he is correct.   Gary Bates reaches into your very soul, revealing shocking truths about the cosmos, alien life, and just how easy it is to become a casualty of an insidious cosmic war that has been raging on for centuries!"
          — Jonesy

"This is an incredible book.  I couldn't put it down.  Gary Bates does an incisive job of separating the chaff from the wheat on all things alien — all those nagging `could there really be?' type questions that a lifetime of exposure to science fiction engenders."
          — Andrew Lamb

"A well learned and insightful man, Bates writes in a style that all readers can understand. He has a strong case that he presents with logic and collaborating information. You will not be the same after reading his book! If you read it from the front cover to the back cover, you will be changed! Gary Bates exposes the dark forces at work in our world pertaining to UFOs and evolution. … As long as facts like Gary Bates presents in his book shine a light on such dark deceptions and abductions of the unaware world, there is hope that these sinister abductions will end."
          — Cynthia Ward 

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  1. Alien Intrusion

    Unknown (Submitted on 21st Aug 2013)

    I just started reading it & so far it's very interesting. I know already the intruders are fallen angels.

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