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  •  An Unhurried Life: Following Jesus' Rhythm of Work and Rest
    The 2014 Christianity Today Book Award of Merit Winner (Spirituality) "I am a recovering speed addict." Beginning with this confession, pastor and spiritual director Alan Fadling goes on to describe his journey out of the...
  • A Christmas Carol
    $3.99 $2.99
    This Prestwick House Literary Touchstone Edition includes a glossary and reader?s notes to help the reader fully appreciate the beauty and humor of Dickens?s work.In his "Ghostly little book," Charles Dickens invents the...
  • Athanasius
    A complex and fascinating character, Athanasius, bishop of Alexandria, is best remembered as the Father of Orthodoxy, upholding the doctrine of the Trinity against the Arian heresy.   In the newest addition to the...
  • Christ and Culture
    This 50th-anniversary edition, with a new foreword by the distinguished historian Martin E. Marty, who regards this book as one of the most vital books of our time, as well as an introduction by the author never before...
  • Chronicles of Dinosauria: The History & Mystery of Dinosaurs and Man
    by Dave Woetzel Every legend is commonly said to contain some grain of truth, but separating that grain of truth from the mountain of fictional tales is sometimes a very difficult task.  For years, co-author Dave...
  • Creation Without Compromise
    A Christian worldview response to evolutionary challenges to the faith. An eye-opening and easy-to-understand Christian worldview response to the long history of evolutionary attack on the Word of God, and to the many recent...
  • Crucial Questions Booklet Series, 8 Pack
    Throughout his nearly fifty years of teaching the content of the Bible and theological concepts, Dr. R. C. Sproul has "majored on the majors" the most important doctrines and truths of the Christian faith. As a gifted...
  • Early Christian Doctrines
    A history of doctrines of the Early Church, written and arranged with exceptional clarity by a leading patristic scholar. Canon Kelly describes the development of the principal Christian doctrines from the close of the...
  • Eschatology of Victory
    There is a great debate today over the meaning of Matthew 24 and Revelation 20, two passages central to any discussion of eschatology. Does Matthew 24 prophesy a Great Tribulation or a premillennial return of Christ? Does...
  • Evening Thoughts
    50% OFF! by Octavius Winslow (1808-1878) This companion to Morning Thoughts will engage and comfort the believer as they end their day. This book provides a detailed exposition of portions of a Scripture text and applies...
  • Getting the Reformation Wrong: Correcting Some Misunderstandings
    $22.99 $16.99
    Getting the reformation wrong is a common problem. Most students of history know that Martin Luther nailed his ninety-five theses to the Wittenberg Church door and that John Calvin penned the Institutes of the Christian...
  • Jesus on Trial
    In Jesus on Trial, New York Times bestselling author David Limbaugh applies his lifetime of legal experience to a unique new undertaking: making a case for the gospels as hard evidence of the life and work of Jesus...
  • Kingdom Calling - Vocational Stewardship for the Common Good
    $16.00 $14.95
    Imagine the scenarios: a CEO successfully negotiates a corporate merger, avoiding hundreds of layoffs in the process an artist completes a mosaic for public display at a bank, showcasing neighborhood heroes a contractor...
  • Knowing God
    $18.00 $12.60
    30% OFF In 2006, Christianity Today voted this title to be one of the top 50 books that have shaped evangelicals! During the past 20 years, J. I. Packer's classic has revealed to over one million Christians around the...
  • Life of John Newton
    What about the life of an 18th century human trafficker could inspire you? What if you knew that the same man was the author of the hymn Amazing Grace? John Newton found himself the captain of a ship transporting...
  • Long Story Short: 10-Minute Devotions to Draw Your Family to God (OT)
    Transform Your Family with Ten Minutes a Day in the Gospel StoryChristian parents know the importance of passing the gospel story on to their children, yet we live in a busy world filled with distractions. Schedules collide,...
  • Old Story New: 10-Minute Devotions to Draw Your Family to God (NT)
    Easy-to-Use Devotional Helps Parents Share the Living Gospel Story! Filled with adventure, suspense, drama, and mystery the gospel story easily captures the attention of children. Even better, the gospel story give life...
  • Passing the Baton: 100 Life Principles & Skills Every Father Needs to Teach His Children
    Shelves of books have been written to fathers addressing the need for personal integrity and character as we attempt to rear our children. And rightly so, for without these, no amount of contrived teaching and instruction...
  • Personal Faith, Public Policy
    // Personal Faith, Public Policy: The 7 urgent issues that we, as people of faith, need to come together and solve. Harry Jackson and Tony Perkins believe that America stands at a crossroads. As a nation we must...
  • Please Nana … What is Death?
    This book and its predecessor Please, Nana … Who is God? meets the tough questions headon from Genesis. The captivating rhyme and stunning artwork brilliantly illustrates difficult concepts in an...
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