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Creation & Evolution

CreationRevolution.com is creating a revolution in the way people view the world and live their lives. By disseminating the most recent news and research from organizations that promote Creation Science and Intelligent Design, we are incrementally overcoming the destructive results of the Darwinian / Evolutionary worldview (atheism, abortion, euthanasia, socialism, etc.). Our mission is to show the world that there is a God who created the world and that He has a beautiful plan for His creation. Visit CreationRevolution.com to read hundreds of articles and sign up for our fascinating newsletter! You'll find a wide array of the best Creation resources below.

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  • 15 Reasons to Take Genesis As History
    Many have been misled into thinking that the Genesis account of creation is not actual history, but is just some sort of theological argument. This small book succinctly shows why those who believe in the inspiration of...
  • Blue: For Earth. For Humanity. For Freedom. DVD
    What if the "green" movement isn't saving the earth, but instead is enslaving humanity? BLUE is more than a film, it's an idea. Ideas have the power to change the way we think, begin movements, and even change the...
  • Chronicles of Dinosauria: The History & Mystery of Dinosaurs and Man
    by Dave Woetzel Every legend is commonly said to contain some grain of truth, but separating that grain of truth from the mountain of fictional tales is sometimes a very difficult task.  For years, co-author Dave...
  • Close Encounters Of The Fourth Kind DVD
    $14.99 $12.00
    A new theory about alleged alien abductions As a renowned Christian researcher into the modern cultural phenomenon of UFOs, Gary has met and counseled numerous people who have seen strange things in sky or have...
  • Creation A Key To Dynamic Witnessing
    $13.00 $12.50
    Featuring: Dr Carl Wieland Ages: HighschoolAdult Format: DVD Length: 57 min This presentation was given live to some 2000 people, many of them students, at South Africas renowned university town of Stellenbosch. Afterwards,...
  • Creation Story (Genesis 1-11) Dramatized Audio CD
    $19.95 $9.95
    Performed by Steve Cook The Bible tells us time and time again to "hear" the Word of God, but how often do we actually do this? The Bible compares "listening" to God to "obeying" what God says, but we need to be able to...
  • Darwin: The Voyage that Shook the World DVD
    $22.95 $19.95
    // // In 1831 a young amateur scientist, Charles Darwin, boarded HMS Beagle on an epic five-year voyage of discovery.  2009 marked the 200th anniversary of Darwins birth and the 150th anniversary of the...
  • Doubt Darwin Bumper Sticker
    $4.95 $1.99
    Charles Darwin's Theory of Evolution is one of the most dangerous ideas ever entertained by the Western World. The idea that the universe, our world, and even life have arisen spontaneously out of nothing removes the need...
  • Evangelicals and Global Warming DVD
    $19.95 $9.95
    A formal debate between Dr. David P. Gushee and Dr. E. Calvin Beisner Although the political buzzword has been modified to "climate change" and it has gotten little media attention lately, you can be sure that "global...
  • Evolution's Achilles' Heels DVD
     Visually stunning animations and dramatic footage help to show how the theory of Evolution's supposed strengths are, in fact, its fatal flaws—Evolution’s Achilles’ Heels. Like no other work that we...
  • From Atheist to Creationist DVD
    $13.00 $12.95
    Testimony - a former youth pastor speaks out! Many Christians face a devastating phenomenon when their kids jettison their faith and walk out of the church, despite years of exposure to Christian culture. Why? The good news...
  • Genesis: A Commentary for Children
    $14.95 $11.95
    The beginning books of the Bible are essential to our understanding of God's redemptive story. The authorcreatively focuses our attention on the events that bring this story to life. The richness of well-written literature...
  • Questions Answered Study Course & DVD
    $19.99 $14.99
    Questions Answered provides a biblical response to some of the most frequently raised questions about God, His Word and the Christian Faith.  Short video clips from popular messages presented by rforh's president and...
  • Revolt Against Maturity
    $18.00 $16.20
    by Rousas J. Rushdoony Revolt Against Maturity is a study of Biblical psychology. Biblical psychology contrasts sharply with a science of the mind based on the religious presuppositions of humanism, which regards man as...
  • Rocks, Fossils, and Dinosaurs
    $19.99 $16.95
    It is interesting to note that absolutely no transitional forms have been found in the fossil record connecting any of the major groups of living creatures before or since Darwin for which peer reviewed support can be...
  • Scientific Mythologies: How Science and Science Fiction Forge New Religious Beliefs
    $23.00 $21.99
    by James A. Herrick What does science have to do with science fiction? What does science fiction have to do with scientists? What does religion have to do with science and science fiction? In the spiritual vacuum of our...
  • Starlight, Time, & the New Physics
    $14.95 $12.95
    Many still doubt the Bibles clear timescale because, they think, it is impossible for light to have reached Earth in only a few thousand years from stars that are millions of light-years away. This is often the ultimate...
  • The Great Global Warming Debate
    $13.00 $12.95
    Only the Bible can explain it! Former US Vice President Al Gore, Nature and Science magazines and the news media are all proclaiming that man is responsible for global warming. Their alarmist call to action is that we need...
  • The One and the Many: Studies in the Philosophy of Order and Ultimacy
    $26.00 $23.40
    by Rousas J. Rushdoony The question of where ultimacy lies should be central to the Christian. It is easy to see the social implications of allowing priority to fall to either the one or the many. This volume examines...
  • Ultimate Proof of Creation
    $13.99 $9.95
    Jason Lisle, Ph.D. Its a bold title: The Ultimate Proof of Creation But is there such a thing? There are many books that contain seemingly powerful arguments for biblical creation. But is there an ultimate proof of...
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