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  • Questions Answered Study Course & DVD
    BUY ONE GET ONE FREE! Questions Answered provides a biblical response to some of the most frequently raised questions about God, His Word and the Christian Faith.  Short video clips from popular messages presented by...
  • The Anti-Christ Revealed (DVD)
    $19.95 $12.95
    In the last one hundred years dispensationalists have, by the thousands thrown their hats into the ring trying to guess who Antichrist is, what country he will come from, how old he will be, and most importantly when he will...
  • Back Cover
    Science and the Bible unite to reveal the amazing truth about dinosaurs---and the role they play in your worldview! Using fossil replicas and real specimens, Dr. Thomas Sharp explores the most frequently asked questions...
  • Unlocking the Mystery of Life (DVD)
    The Scientific Case for Intelligent Design Is life on Earth the product of purely undirected processes like time, chance and natural selection? Or, can the origin and diversity of living organisms be traced to an...
  • Who Made God? DVD
    The question “If God created the universe, then who created God?” is often used to challenge the truth of the Genesis account of Creation. Many claim that invoking a supernatural act by a Creator who is beyond...

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